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Räkna kalorier med diabetes

Jag fortsätter att räkna mina kalorier och fortsatt ligger min diabetes fantastiskt bra! Tänk att det kunde vara så lätt ändå!
Jag hade verkligen gett upp och bara accepterat att min diabetes var som den var och hade inte ens en tanke på att kaloriräknandet skulle ha den effekt som det hade! Jag tar nu fortfarande samma doser som när jag först fick diabetes för 15 år sedan och jag har fortfarande svårt att fatta det!
När jag någon gång syndat och fått högre bs så har jag tagit för mycket insulin för huvudet är fortfarande lite kvar i det som var innan. Men nu har min acceptans för högt bs också sänkts så allt över 10 känns JÄTTEHÖGT för majoriteten av tiden ligger jag inom målområdet, 4-9, som är på Freestyle Libre. Trodde inte ens att det var möjligt.
Jag ser ju inte heller detta som en diet, för jag säger alltid att man inte kan gå på diet som diabetiker, utan snarare som ett sätt att lära sig hur mycket man bör äta. Jag har ju ätit alldeles för mycket, för stora portioner mat och …


So yesterday we had an ultrasound on Frejas little foot to see if the bumps she got this spring were indeed ganglion, the results were inconclusive. They are a long the tendons and they seem to "grow" from pressure however they didn't really look like ganglion usually look on an ultrasound. Thankfully our refering doctor wasn't satisfied so next is going to be the child orthopeadist. Hopefully we will get some answers.
Today Frejas broken tooth is gonna get pulled out. Thankfully David is with her for this one. I've never had any holes in my teeth and have never had to fix my teeth like that so it's a bit unnerving for me so I'm thankful David took that appointment.
Next week, or maybe it's the week after that, I will go with Freja to try out new glasses. Thankfully she now seem to understand that the glasses help her and usually lets them stay on. She usually pulls them off when she gets tired - understandably!
In between all this she has her physic…

The lost weightloss

So I'm still on the same weight I've been for the last 3-4 weeks and I just don't get it.
I still only eat 1300 kcals per day, I exercise and I try to choose better foods. So maybe next week I will try to go vegetarian, or at least half way vegetarian. I think that for example mixing minced meat with equal part quorn is a good way to start. Also I have a recepy for vegetarian lasagne with aubergine, mozarella and parmesan with a wonderful tomato sauce - so that's one recepy I know I will love.
Otherwise there is always veggie sausage, falafel and vegetarian thai spring rolls. Haha... maybe not the best choices... I guess the declerations will determine what I will choose. I do like meze dishes so maybe I'll look for some of those recepies.
Vegetarian for the win?

Don't loose yourself

Well my weightloss isn't going too well right now.
My body is still changeing due to my counting calories and the exercise but the scale has stood still for almost 3 weeks I'm afraid. This week hubby and I are racing to loose 1,5 kilo each so hopefully it will show some results - but it's still frustrating.
But to be honest... this happens every time I try to get a healthier lifestyle going. It takes a long time for my body to catch up and do what every other persons body would have done - loose the weight.
I remember before we went to Australia we went to the gym 6 days a week and still my body did not react the same way as my hubbys. I almost didn't loose any weight but then eventually something happened. I took a week off from the gym and just rested and that week I lost a lot of weight and after that the body started responding correctly.
Right now a lot of stuff in my life is connected to my exercise and the gym. Exercising gets the endorfins going and makes me f…

Food vs. exercise

I read a lot of articles about how you can exercise and loose weight... well yes you can but you have to do 7000-7500 kcals to loose 1 kilo. I mean... that's too much.
If the goal is to loose weight then it's 90% the food and 10% your exercise - so that's something to Think about if you're frustrated about not loosing any weight even though you're training.
My diabetes is still perfect from counting calories and I couldn't be happier. I really should send in an HbA1c just to see the real differense. I'm expecting it to be grand so I really hope that it is but you never know until you get the results. Maybe I'll try and send it in on monday och tuesday.
My weight have been still for a few weeks now and it's been frustrating for me as well but now it has started to move again. We've had a couple of weeks with sick kids, being sick our selfs and all routines you get from being at work just went out the window. But... three days back at work and it…