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Eye screening

It's that time of year for me and my diabetes - time for eye screening.
Well I have done this a few times during my 15 years with diabetes, it's just a part of living with diabetes. First you get pupil dilating eye drops (they sting), then you have to wait for 30 minutes and then they take photos of the bottom of your eyes in a very dark room.
The procedure will show any changes, like small bleedings, in your eyes that are diabetes related. I do have some small bleedings, first showed after my youngest was born in 2015. When you've had diabetes for more than 10 years these kind of changes are common.
Because your pupils are dilated your eyes get really sensitive to the light and they can't really focus so you often get blurry eyesight. I had my sunglasses on for at least 3 hours after - even inside when I got back to work. It worked out really good yesterday actually.
I walked there (just a few houses away), got the eye drops, ate my lunch while waiting and then got t…

Typical healthy day

So while I'm doing this counting calories I've changed some things during my day but I still eat a lot of the same things just smaller portions. While I'm trying to loose weight I'm set to eat 1300 kcal per day but when I've reached my goal weight I will probably be able to eat 1500-1600 kcal per day - that's a 100 more kcal per meal.
Due to my insulin resistance in the morning my breakfast is very low carb or no carb at all. Well this is how my food is planned.
Breakfast - 325 kcal:
2 boiled eggs or a protein shake/pudding.
Lunch - 390 kcal:
Soop of some kind and one slice of bread with two slices of cheese (no butter) is a good lunch.
Dinner - 390 kcal:
Something more sturdy then lunch just to keep the blood sugar level for some excercize.
Swedish fika ;) - 195 kcal:
So breakfast is set at 325 kcal however I never reach that level and really with diabetes you need some "extra" calories during the day for snacks, soop lunches saves calories as well. At …