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Counting calories

I never thought I would EVER do that but now I am.
I've tried many different things but nothing has ever really worked and this way I can still eat things I love - I just have to calculate everything. Although right now pizza and chips are out of the question! Hahaha... I love salty so for me that's a big sacrifice but in the end I know I'll feel better.
My diabetes is actually feeling excellent. I now take the same doses as I did 15 years ago when I first got my diagnosis! It's truly amazing.
I try to exercise 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes and I'm focusing on cardio. And surprisingly it's going okay even though I don't eat as much and I don't have as many calories to play with in case I get a low blood sugar.
The most eye opening thing about this experience is to learn how much more than I need that I've been eating! OMG!!! Now I eat about half the portions I did before so it's no wonder I didn't loose any weight. When I have reac…

This election...

... have me turning negative.
Negative towards the racist party getting such a large amount of the votes. I mean they may "only" be tha third largest party in all of Sweden but here in the South of Sweden they are actually the biggest party in most of the small communities. I mean... what is going to happen with all of that? I don't want them to rule my Community, I don't trust them to do that! That is my kids wellbeing and education at stake.
Also negative towards the ruling government to still be ruling. I mean... they have dismantled the whole help system for kids and adults with special needs. We can't trust them... Look at what they've done to these poor families.
Feels hopeless...

Better health

So starting my journey towards better health!
I did buy some fancy training clothes after Freja was born to motivate myself to get back in shape but then everything happened and exercise was not my priority even though it would probably have helped my mental state when I was at my lowest point.
However I’m trying to fix that now! My doctor have put me on partial work leave mostly for exercise for my mental wellbeing and my diabetes. And I really need to do this now cause my diabetes could be much better and I really want it to get better.
Just hoping I can find a way to keep everything going and a way to stay motivated.