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I'm someone else... but am I really!?

So... a while ago I posted about how I don't feel like myself anymore - that this experience with my daughter and me being burnt out-depressed-anxious has changed me.
Well I'm glad to say that I'm starting to feel like myself again, something I actually didn't think was possible. My hubby told that 'Yes you will come back again' but I didn't really believe it. I was torn down and needed to slowly build myself up again and it was a lot of work, a lot of hard work.
I've been working 50% now (started with 25%) and soon I will go up to 75% so I'm well on my way. I'm thankful for my supporting family, my amazing doctor and insightful therapist.
Mental health usually intails stigma but in truth we all meet difficult times and you never know how you'll react. I never thought this would've broken me but it did. BUT there is a way back and eventually you'll get there. Nobodys life is perfect all the time cause life moves in waves with high …

Muscle fever

So... the past weekend we started preparing our backyard for the greenhouse that hopefully will arrive later this week.
It was pretty hard work both saturday and sunday. 54 bags of bark to cover the ground inside the greenhouse and to big piles of ground dirt to fill holes where the greenhouse is going to be placed to even it out.
It's pretty far walking from one side of the plot to the other carrying the bags or pushing the gravel... very hard work. But it is nice to see everything taking shape - come on greens.
Anyways now I have muscle fever in muscles I don't ordinary use - mostly in the back. Some weird muscle that is probably used when shoveling dirt and some others that I probably used carrying the bags. Well well... the reward should be great... ;)

Rational emotions

I’ve always been more rational than emotional.
What happened with Freja and how that burned me out, the depression and the anxiety has luft me with my emotions more on the outside. I think those that have met me would probably not describe me as emotional, maybe they would even describe me as harsh.
So this new life being so close to tears, to all my emotions is really hard getting used to! Last year one of my favourite artists died and I got really emotional. I wasn’t a hardcore fan, I hadn’t Even seen a show, but I loved the music and every playlist I ever made had at least one song by the band.
Being more emotional means I feel more for others than I used to. I’ve always had a lot of empathy and compassion for others but now I just tear up aswell, a lot. 
So a few days ago Swedish superstar Tim ”Avicii” Bergling dies. He was only 28 years old, it’s very sad and very chocking. I mean almost everyone listen to his songs and love them so there are a lot of people mourning this loss.

Stor vinst för funkisfamiljer

Äntligen en dom man förstår!
Förstår ni att sondmatning inte har bedömts som grundläggande behov av Försäkringskassan? Nä inte jag heller. Att hjälpa att mata någon med bestick räknas som grundläggande behov men alltså inte sondmatning. Helt och totalt ofattbart!
Men så i förmiddags kom prejudikatet, en dom som innebär att funkisfamiljer visst har rätt till assistans eller assistansersättning för sondmatning. Tack för en dom, en bedömning, som vi alla förstår mitt i nedrustningen av assistansen.
#RäddaLSS #RättenTillPersonligAssistans

Ärlans förskola läggs ner

Igår togs det slutgiltiga beskedet att barnens förskola ska läggas ner... suck... Alltid är det nåt som inte ska bara kunna flyta på.
Vi har haft en väldigt liten förskola med bara 20 barn i blandad grupp, kontinuitet bland personalen och en väldigt förutsägbar och gemytlig vardag för barnen. Nu ska vi flytta till en stor förskola med 3 småbarnsgrupper och 3 storbarnsgrupper, säkerligen stor personalrörelse och det kommer att bli en stor omställning för alla.
Vi har förhoppning om att någon av fröknarna från vår nuvarande förskola ska placeras i en av storbarnsgrupperna och att våra stora tjejer ska hamna i samma grupp så att övergången blir mer smidig för dem.
För Freja kommer hennes elevassistent att följa med henne vilket var en förutsättning för oss. Problemet här kan bli att i den lilla personalgruppen vi har nu så kan alla Freja så om hennes assistent är sjuk så känns det fortfarande tryggt att lämna Freja med de andra. I en stor personalgrupp krävs nästan att ett par av frökna…