Rational emotions

I’ve always been more rational than emotional.

What happened with Freja and how that burned me out, the depression and the anxiety has luft me with my emotions more on the outside. I think those that have met me would probably not describe me as emotional, maybe they would even describe me as harsh.

So this new life being so close to tears, to all my emotions is really hard getting used to! Last year one of my favourite artists died and I got really emotional. I wasn’t a hardcore fan, I hadn’t Even seen a show, but I loved the music and every playlist I ever made had at least one song by the band.

Being more emotional means I feel more for others than I used to. I’ve always had a lot of empathy and compassion for others but now I just tear up aswell, a lot. 

So a few days ago Swedish superstar Tim ”Avicii” Bergling dies. He was only 28 years old, it’s very sad and very chocking. I mean almost everyone listen to his songs and love them so there are a lot of people mourning this loss.

I really wanna see the documentary but I will probably cry a lot. I’ve seen some clips and it’s hard watching someone feeling so bad and talking about how others didn’t even show any compassion and just wanted to make more money. Really sad!

We all read about his health issues and thankfully he made changes in his life too priorotice his health - he stopped drinking and stopped performing/touring! I feel for his family, friends and fans! And I truly hope he has found peace wherever he is! ❤️


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