Don't loose yourself

Well my weightloss isn't going too well right now.

My body is still changeing due to my counting calories and the exercise but the scale has stood still for almost 3 weeks I'm afraid. This week hubby and I are racing to loose 1,5 kilo each so hopefully it will show some results - but it's still frustrating.

But to be honest... this happens every time I try to get a healthier lifestyle going. It takes a long time for my body to catch up and do what every other persons body would have done - loose the weight.

I remember before we went to Australia we went to the gym 6 days a week and still my body did not react the same way as my hubbys. I almost didn't loose any weight but then eventually something happened. I took a week off from the gym and just rested and that week I lost a lot of weight and after that the body started responding correctly.

Right now a lot of stuff in my life is connected to my exercise and the gym. Exercising gets the endorfins going and makes me feel so much better and I just don't want to stop for a week so I guess I'll hang on and wait to see if I can get the results anyways. My diabetes is still at its best - so that is my biggest win still!


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