Lucky us!

Actually we are very lucky!

We have 3 wonderful children, and when it comes to Freja it could have been so much worse. We didn't suspect anything was different until she was 6 months, and even though the investigation took 2 years, and no lie it was hard on us both, she is still developing and still going forward but it is a looong process.

Soon after she turned 2 years she stood up in her bed for the first time and since then she has been practicing standing up and taking a couple of steps into our arms. But it wasn't until after New Years that she actually could stand by herself for several seconds, and that you could see and feel her finding that important stability - and she is 3,5 years now. We are hoping that it will happen now - she will walk. Could it really happen?

We are also lucky having our twin girls - Frejas big sisters. They are so cute and both have different personalities and character, and they love each other and their baby sister so much. It's very endearing. And they are our very own supporter club "Oh mamma your are beautiful, and pappa you are beautiful too"! They are really so sweet.

We are lucky having each other, me and David. He fixes the technology at home and I will fix anything that needs assembling/building! He is my rock, and has supported me when I was at my lowest and feeling so depressed, so burnt out and had a ton of anxiety. At that point he did just about everything at home and still he worked every day. Now we are back, we are prioritising ourselves a bit by training and eating more healthy.

Also feeling lucky that we are still in love and coming up in a few months is our wedding. Our day.



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