Walking is the next big thing

So we really do think that walking will be Frejas next move.

Since she started crawling last year after her 2nd birthday she also started standing against furniture so it's been a long process but she will probably start walking in the next few months. And that would just be... increadabe!

Everything that Freja undertakes is a really long process and we are so grateful that she is still evolving and moving forward even though she is so much later than her pears. She is our little trouper.

Even though she is still developing in the right direction I have a hard time believing that she will ever talk. I know a lot of PTHS kids start talking very late but to me... well I just don't see that happening. It would truly be the greatest gift if she would!

There is Always a lot of feelings surrounding Frejas being, her overall day, her development, her mood... it's hard not to understand your Child after 3 years cause she doesn't know how to make herself understood. It's really hard...

Sending strength to all parents out there!


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