The twins riding bikes

So... we are trying to teach the twins to ride their bikes.

Well it really isn’t easy teching two kids at the same time and to do it proparly! Eyes forward and use the footbreak! OMG... Hahaha...

I have two days alone with the kids and of course they wanna bike and I want them to but it sure wasn’t easy! And at the same time I was pushing Freja in her pram, a few more hands would have been helpful! 😊

But it has been like that all the way with the twins cause they have learned the same things at the same time so we’ve had double all the time! It’s so special having twins and watching them learn stuff together as well. They inspire and push each other to develop further all the time and we are among the lucky few that gets to have identical twins.

They are growing up so sweet, considerate, polite and gives you the cutest comments that just makes your day! Yay for the twins! 👧👧


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