Got a temper

We have always said that Freja is the most content and happy baby you could ever get... well now she has gotten herself a temper!

We know that it's progress that she is showing her own will and that gives her a drive to test and explore new things, but since we can't understand her nor she us it's strains the everyday life. She gets grumpy when she doesn't get her will and whines... a lot.

Not understanding each other is just hard. Most kids understand commands and sentenses even though they can't talk/respond at a very young age and we have a, soon to be, 3 year old who doesn't seem to understand anything we say. "Where is mommy?" doesn't get the appropriate respons. It's just... hard...

The weather is getting warmer and we've been outside every day when we get home from daycare and actually Freja likes crawling in the grass now. Last year she started screaming when we sat her in the grass, but now she thinks it's a lot of fun. She follows her sisters around and I hope we can get the lawn better this year and get rid of most of the moss cause then maybe she can have her walker there - I think she would love that!

It's all about finding solutions to make everyday life easier.


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