Can't keep my eyes op...

This weekend has been very productive. We still havn't begun putting the garden house together but now we are almost done with the foundation.

I have moved one cubic meter of stone dust from one end of the garden to the other - every muscle is aching. David has placed 70 concrete garden tiles as the bottom frame soo... that was two days full work and we were so tired last night.

After that I still had to clean the house and prepare the laundry... zzzzz...

In the middle of the night Freja woke up and refused to go back to sleep for about 4 hours so come morning it was chaos and my alarm didn't go of. Somehow the kids got to daycare and I was only 17 minutes late for work - how it all came together in the end I have no idea. Hahaha...

Well at work you couldn't really tell that I had that chaotic morning cause I've had a lot of energy and gotten a lot done! Now I'm just excited, and a bit nervous, to get home and see one of our trees being taken down. It's a really big messy tree that shouts a lot of sprouts in our garden but also all our neighbors.

We are gonna use the stub as one bearing corner of the kids playhouse that's gonna be a bit higher up so that we can have a sandbox underneith and a slide going down. A bit of planning cause we want it to be useful for both the big girls and for Freja.


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