Exercise me

Finally we have had two weeks without any of the kids being sick, I was the only one with a little bit of a cold but it's gone now. Finally!!!

So last week I managed to go to the gym tuesday-saturday-sunday. It feels really good to be back at it again. Saturday I went to a training session in a group, it's the toughest session in our gym I think, anyways the instructor is so good.

But training that hard when I'm not in shape gave me the worst muscle fever. Even though I have lost a few kilos it still feels like such a long way to go before I reach my goal. After the twins I had 5 kilos extra but after Freja it was kaos and then when we started investigating for a diagnosis it just got worse and worse - so now I have made it difficult for myself and I have to loose 20 kilos! Aahhrggg...

Well I am on my way now so I just need to keep my focus! I'm really looking forward to better regulated diabetes, better fitting clothes and just feeling better overall. This is just about me and if you feel good about yourself then you are doing it right! My self image doesn't consort with the image in the mirror so that's why I decided to do something about it and also for medical reasons (my mental health first and foremost), my diabetes and I just don't wanna feel this tired ALL the time. At one point I was sure I had a chronic fatigue diagnosis - well I know don't, I just need to get back into shape.

I still have some muscle fever but today I'm going to the gym again, hoping for a good session! :)


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