Tired or depressed or both

When we had twins our pediatric nurse was really worried I was getting a postpartum depression - but i was really just tired... so so tired!

I think there are many similaritys between being depressed and sleep deprived. Sleep is just so important for your well-being. Sleep, excersize and food. ;)

I've been reading a book by Swedish brainscientist (is it even called that? hahaha) Anders Hansen called "Brain Power". It is really good and it explaines why you need these things for your brain and how you can mend os heal your brain. It gives you some epiphanys and you hopefully get determind to test the thesis that the connections in your brain will improve in a year if you sleep well, eat well and excersize at least 30 minutes three times a week.

I'm already a believer, I just really wanna believe that I can change things for myself and my well-being so I'm gonna do this and I hope I can make it a habit and not just testing the thesis. I wanna live well, I wanna feel well and I want to be able to do more.

My burn out/depression/anxiety was really heavy and it was so so hard to get out of it. It wasn't until summer that I started to feel better, we were outside a lot more and we did many activities and I think that sparked my soul back into happiness. Slow progress but still progress.

Before summer I was in my bed all day, I was feeling very unsociable and had to force myself to be in situations with a lot of people. It was really, really tough.

Today I'm meeting my doctor to talk about my sick-leave so we will see what she thinks is a good plan. My therapist doesn't think I should work more right now cause she thinks our homesituation will put too much pressure on me and that can cause a setback. We travel quite far for work (both of us) and then when I get home I need to get the kids and cook dinner before David comes home so the kids can go to bed early cause they are so tired in the morning, and then I need to go to the gym three timmes a week for my own well-being.

Just working out 30 minutes a pop has made a ton of difference both for my psyche and for my diabetes. Sometimes I put my diabetes far down in the prioritizing but it makes such a difference when my diabetes feels good cause then I feel good too.


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