Life is hard - show the truth

We were watching a speech by an American psycologist about todays social media displays.

All the pictures you see are perfect, the perfect dinner, the perfectly cleaned house, the perfect family Picture, all the perfectly happy people with perfect make-up, perfect hair, expensive clothes and accessories. That is a hard reality to live up to.

However, the thing is that nearly nobodys life is like that - nobody lives in a perfect house ad. When you actually live in your house that will show no matter how much you clean or how many times you do a raid to pick up all the stuff your kids spread over the floors - your house will never look that perfect, that untouched. And why should it? In these pics you only see a fragment of that room and they have probably just pushed the mess out of the way to get that "perfectness".

For adults, hopefully, we can see past that and understand what reality actually looks like, but for kids and young adults it may not be so easy. It puts impossible demands and pressure to live like the perfect ad, to look like that perfect picture and it has become a big issue met by the psycologists. People don't wanna fail others expectations. Now that I have tried to rais the issue of mental health - this is a way in to mental illness.

When I was studying we read about for example flight attendants (but the same goes for all that work in service occupations) having to portrait that smiling, happy face and that very polite and nice attitude at all times even when that's not the feelings you have inside. That is an internal conflict and it effects these workers a lot.

The same goes for people who have an introvert personality that has to portrait an extrovert personality at work. Also an internal conflict and often these people need to be introvert outside of work in order to mend their psyche.

All these internal conflicts and hard demands create hard pressure on peoples mental wellbeing and it's important to understand that life isn't perfect - far from it. Life is hard, life is messy - but in Life there are moments of joy and happiness and those are worth fighting for.

Mental illness is serious and should be attended by professionals. I'm still in therapy after my some 1,5 year of being burned out, depressed and anxious. I'm halfway back at work right now and I feel much, much better compared to a year ago - but I'm stil tired, my brain is tired, I still get anxiety attacks and I'm just trying to take my time so that I can avoid mayor set backs on my road to full recovery.

Life is hard!

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