Bodys in size 104

Since Freja is still ”small” and crawling we really want her to keep wearing bodys for a while but she is now size 92 and that used to be the last size for bodys unfortiunatly!

Now I think in the light of everything that’s happened with H&M I really don’t wanna buy any clothes from them but they are the only brand I’ve found that are now making bodys in size 104! 

So with mixed feelings we have now bought some bodys in this size hoping that other brands will follow! Freja will soon go up one size to 98 but we usually buy according to double-size like 98-104 so that's why we bought size 104!

Pomp de Luxe has some bodys in size 98 so we will probably buy some from them when their new collection comes out cause right now they are sold out! Well, well... lets hope for bigger bodys and bigger bibs in the general clothes stores! 🤞


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