This happens from time to time with Freja - she wakes upp at night and can't go back to sleep for several hours.

She woke up at 3.15 and didn't fall back asleep until about 5.30 - I am totally spent. This was still a mild case cause she could as well wake up at 00-01 and not fall asleep until 4-5 in the morning. It's so tough.

Not getting enough sleep makes everything feel like shit. When we had the twins the pediatric nurse thought I was having the baby-blues but NO I was just sooo tired. I need my sleep desperatly.

Well, I've been depressed now, this last year, and still not sleeping makes everything just worse. You need sleep, exercise and to eat regularly in order to feel better! Haha... Lucky I bought a snack and I will get some healthy salad for lunch and maybe I will get back on track. At least my diabetes is being compliant and not too much of a roller coaster.

Onwards and upwards...


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