5 year check-up & vaccination

The twins are just too funny! 😂

Today was their 5 year check-up with the pediatric nurse and also it was time to get vaccinated against polio, diphteria, tetanus and wooping cough. This was the fourth time they’ve gotten these vaccines but this was the first time they were really aware of what was going to happen, that they understood they were getting a shoot.

So we thought it was best to prepare them and since I’m a diabetic we didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. Stella did not like the idea of getting a shoot even though we tried to explain that mommy takes many shoots every day and it will be done so so fast. Klara however was really looking forward to getting her shoot and kept nagging the pediatric nurse: so when am I getting my shoot? I want my shoot now!

It was sooo funny watching them be so totally opposite in this!

Stella was whining just a little when she got her shoot but it was done in a flash and then she got to choose a toy so no real crying. Klara sat in Davids lap like ”so am I gonna get my shoot now?” and they were talking about bandaids and then she just blurted out ”auch” - no crying, no tears, no angry face just an auch. Hahaha...

I mean having twins is hard but some of these moments you just can’t experience with the singles! Cracks me up!


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